4 Healthy Steps to Feeling Your Age (or Younger)

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Plenty of health fads promise to help you look and feel younger, but the truth is there’s no quick fix for inner or outer youth. But there are healthy steps you can incorporate into your routine that help reverse the signs of aging. Start feeling younger again with these tips from Yoga Health & Fitness Benefits.

Move Your Body More to Stay Limber

Everything from back pain to stiffness from sitting too long can make you feel decades older than you are. By moving your body more, you can stay limber and avoid feeling like time is weighing you down.

In fact, Yours recommends activities like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cycling, dancing, weight training, Pilates, and yoga for a range of physical and mental benefits. From enhancing your heart health to helping you maintain flexibility, these fitness moves make for a younger-feeling you.

When working out, listening to favorite upbeat tunes or a popular podcast will help pass the time and keep you motivated and on track. Many people use a phone stand to stabilize their device while they exercise, a great idea when you’re pacing yourself on the treadmill and otherwise moving. Look for a stand that will work best in your environment (if you plan to place the stand on different equipment, a clip may be the solution).

Eat Clean for Optimal Agelessness

Experts agree that eating clean – that is, a diet made up of fresh produce, whole grains, and less processed stuff – can help you feel younger, notes Harper’s Bazaar. Skipping alcohol, dairy, and coffee (or at least reducing them significantly) may result in a more youthful glow.

Avoiding toxins, such as those in processed food, is also ideal for maintaining a healthy, energetic body. What’s more, you don’t need fad diets and expensive supplements to slow down signs of aging. Pantry staples like canned veggies, tomato soup, and beans can make flavorful soups, sandwiches, and more – even on a budget.

Stop Stress Before It Wears You Down

Feeling grumpy can have you thinking you’ve aged beyond your years. And as Healthline highlights, stress can actually make you look older, too. Stress impacts the proteins in your skin, leading to wrinkles. Not to mention, furrowing your brow also creates creases over time. Other studies cited in Psychology Today suggest that emotional distress impacts cellular aging, so you could be getting older from your DNA on out.

In short, stress has physical, emotional, and other impacts, so nipping it in the bud means you can feel younger and more carefree. One step toward stress relief is refreshing your space so everyone at home can breathe a little easier. Decluttering, cleaning up, and letting fresh air into your house can help the whole family feel better mentally and physically.

Stay in Control of Your Life for a Youthful Boost

While it’s not as simple as changing your eating habits or indulging in self-care, there’s another technique for feeling younger that is quite effective. Inc. magazine notes one study found that when older adults felt like they were more in control of their lives, they felt younger. While it seems contradictory, being in more control of your life usually comes with age – taking steps to exert control of your life and habits can help your brain stay younger, longer.

It may sound complicated, but feeling more in control can start with something as simple as giving yourself time to think before making decisions. Continuing to learn as you go through life is another way to promote agency over your present and future. And finally, controlling your environment – what your home is like or how you decorate – can also boost those powerful in-charge vibes.

No perfect solution exists to the dilemma of feeling older than your chronological age. But with these strategies, you can begin to dial back your mental and even physical time clock. Regardless of how old you feel, changing your habits for the better is beneficial for your whole body and your mind. If you need further assistance, contact Yoga Health & Fitness Benefits for a personalized approach to your health.

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